Major Barbara: When Relevancy Shifts

This week, I listened to a podcast of LA Theatre Works’ production of Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw. It was well-performed, with actors such as Roger Rees, Hamish Linklater, and Kate Burton in primary roles. Especially impressive was Kirsten Potter in the role of Barbara, an actress that was previously unfamiliar to me. Judging […]

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The Power of Words: Dance Poetry

The Neustadt Festival of International Literature & Culture was this week at the University of Oklahoma. The event is held annually and sponsored by World Literature Today magazine, recognizing special achievements in the areas of both literature and children’s literature in alternating years. This year’s festival was created around the poet Marilyn Nelson, who was […]

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Suite Surrender: New Old Plays

I recently saw a local production of the play Suite Surrender, an innocent comedy that I expect is targeted directly at theaters who cater to an older, conservative crowd. I say this for a few reasons: It’s only a few years old but feels like it’s from the 40s. It takes place in 1942. Almost […]

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