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7 Women Playwrights to Read, Watch, & Know

The love of good storytelling isn't bound by age, gender, or membership in certain identity groups. It's human nature. I find a great deal of pleasure in seeing stories on stage that not only take me away from my everyday life, but challenge me to discover something distant, or unheard of. While I certainly appreciate …

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Joanne Tour: Arena Theatre

Lady Gaga’s current concert outing, the Joanne World Tour, is a theatrical experience like few I’ve ever seen before. I’d previously attended the Oklahoma City engagement of her Little Monsters tour, which was raw, prop-heavy, and in many ways experimental. The Joanne show, however, was a polished work of art, pulling aesthetic inspiration, staging technique, …

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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol: Please Sir, I Want Some More

People just can’t get enough of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. There are so many stage adaptations produced each year that American Theatre Magazine eliminates the title from its list of most-produced plays since it would always be in first place. On IMDB, there are hundreds of screen adaptations, ranging from movies to parody TV …

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The Power of Words: Dance Poetry

The Neustadt Festival of International Literature & Culture was this week at the University of Oklahoma. The event is held annually and sponsored by World Literature Today magazine, recognizing special achievements in the areas of both literature and children's literature in alternating years. This year's festival was created around the poet Marilyn Nelson, who was …

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