Now for Some Biology, Honey

The character of Roland in Nick Payne’s play Constellations is a beekeeper. A random and fascinating profession in that most of us don’t know any beekeepers, and yet if we saw one walking down the street in uniform, we’d recognize their profession right away. The script uses laws and theories of physics to illustrate the […]

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So. Many. Strings.

One of the things that make the play Constellations unique is the way it jumps through parallel universes. The two main characters appear in many different versions of reality, and as we watch these variations unfold, we gain beautiful insights to the characters and their journey. Many self-help books and religious writings tell us that […]

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War Paint: Tunneling Through the Creative Process

The book Smarter Faster Better, by Charles Duhigg, takes a look at the “secrets” of business productivity. It explores best practices having to do with things like enhanced motivation, decision making, and mental focus. When I saw the Broadway production of War Paint, this book immediately came to mind. Although I enjoyed the show overall, there were some problems; primarily a lack of magic in the lyrics and dialogue. The two […]

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